Wiccan Self-Purification Techniques

The most common self-purification techniques before Wiccan rituals consist of bathing, dressing, meditating and practicing deep breathing. The goal of these techniques is to purify your body, mind and soul, and to prepare yourself for the coming rite. This is a time for calmness. 

The bath is a ritual itself. You can burn candles or incense in the bathroom. The Key of Solomon, a book of spells attributed to King Solomon, suggests creating a herbal sachet with equal parts of lavender, rosemary, basil, fennel, thyme, vervain, hyssop, mint and a touch of ground valerian root. Put this mix in a cloth, tie the ends up to trap the herbs and pop it into the tub or hang it in your shower. 

Once bathed, it is time to dress. Specialized dress, such as robes, are popular among some Wiccans. One of the reasons for using robes is that wearing garments only for magic creates a mystic atmosphere. Colors are used for their specific vibrations.  

Robes range from simple bath-type designs to fully hooded creations with bell sleeves. If you do not wish to dress in such a garment, simply wear clean clothing of natural fibers such as cotton, silk or wool. You just have to be comfortable with what you are wearing. 

Selecting ritual jewellery follows dressing. Choose designs incorporating crescent moons, Hawaiian fish hooks, ankhs and pentagrams. These objects produce the state of consciousness that is necessary for rituals. 

Natural objects like quartz crystals are worn to invite their energies within ourselves to cause specific changes. This type of power object is a great complement to personal energies. But remember that magic is always present, no matter the presence (or absence) of jewellery.             

Other Options for Self-Purification before Rituals 

Even though ritual bathing is common in Wicca, there are other methods of purifying the body. For example, you can stand in a rush of wind and visualize it carrying away your negative thoughts and emotions. 

You can also use music. Drumming softly is an excellent cleansing ritual. Other instruments useful for purification include stringed instruments, bells, gongs and sistrums. If you do not want to play music yourself, listen to music that relaxes your senses. 

The Wiccan emphasis on purification does not mean that we are “impure”. We are exposed to negativity every day, from scenes of destruction on the news to our own dark thoughts. Self-purification techniques simply free us of some of this negativity.