The World Needs Religion

THE WORLD NEEDS RELIGION. Religion must represent Truth, and celebrate it. This truth is of two orders: one, concerning Nature external to Man; two, concerning Nature internal to Man. Existing religions, especially Christianity, are based on primitive ignorance of the facts, particularly of external Nature.

Celebrations must conform to the custom and nature of the people. Christianity has destroyed the joyful celebrations, characterised by music, dancing, feasting and making love, and has kept only the melancholy.

The Church of Illuminism offers a religion which fulfills all necessary conditions. The philosophy and metaphysics of Noetics are sound, and offer a solution of the deepest problems of humanity. The science of Noetics is orthodox; is has no false theories of Nature, no false fables of the origin of things. The psychology and ethics of Noetics are perfect. It has destroyed the damnable delusion of Original Sin, making every one unique, independent, supreme and sufficient.

The Principles of Noetics is given in the book “Noetics: The Science of Reaching Man’s Highest Potential.”

The Church has been founded to promulgate and demonstrate this science.

The Order of Illuminism, through Whom this Law was obtained, is a Body of the highest Initiates, pledged to aid mankind. It offers instruction in the Way of Spiritual Progress and Illumination to individual seekers. The work of the The Order of Illuminism is called Scientific Illuminism. This may be briefly expressed by quoting Its motto:

“The method of Science: the aim of Religion.”

Each seeker is taught how to realise Truth for himself, by means accurate and well-tested.

The Church of Illuminism is the first of the great religious Societies to accept the Law. It trains groups by way of progressive initiation.

Illuminist Books publishes all instructions and pronouncements of the Order of Illuminism and the Church of Illuminism. It also publishes such poetry, drama, fiction, and essays, as are sympathetic to this program, so far as space permits.