The Wiccan Way of Playing with Energy

The energy and magical powers at work in Wicca are within the Earth and ourselves. They are not located on some astral plane. They maintain life. Daily, we deplete our storage of energy and replenish it through the air we breathe, the food we eat and the rays that stream down from the moon and the sun. 

These powers are physical. They only looks mysterious for the people who do not investigate them in magical ways. 

 Following, you may find some exercises that will help you understand the physicality of energy. 

 Exercises to Start Playing with Energy  

 Breathe deeply. Rub your palms together for thirty seconds. Start slowly and then rub faster. Then, stop and hold your palms about two inches from each other. Do you feel how they tingle? This is a physical manifestation of energy. By rubbing your palms together and engaging the muscles in your arms, you are raising energy. 

 If you do not feel anything, practice this once or twice a day until you have success. But do not force yourself to feel anything specific. Trying harder will not work. 

When you have sensed the energy, begin to work it into shapes. Rely on visualization to do this. After rubbing your hands, while they are still tingling, visualize purple rays of energy moving from your right (projective) palm to your left (receptive) palm.  

Envision these rays moving in a clockwise direction between your palms. Unite them into a ball of magical energy. Feel its heat in your palms. Cup your hands around the ball. Make it grow in size through visualization. Then, “shower” yourself with it to absorb it back. 

When you have mastered the art of energy spheres, continue with sensing energy fields.

Sit in front of a plant. Breathe deeply. Hold your receptive palm a few inches above the plant. Direct your consciousness to the palm. Do you feel a buzz or a shift in the energies within your palm? If so, you have felt the inner force of the plant.  

Now you can move to feeling the energies of crystals. 

Place a quartz crystal on a table. Pass your receptive hand over the crystal. Connect your emotions and become aware of the non visible energies that pulsate within the crystal. 

All natural objects are manifestations of deity. With practice, you will feel the power that resides within them as well as within yourself.