The Role of Deity in Wicca

Religions are structures built upon reverence of deity and Wicca is no exception. The Wiccas acknowledge a supreme divine power from which the entire universe has sprouted. In accordance with the principles of nature, the Goddess and the God are the personalization of the highest power. Every deity worshiped on this planet lives within the archetypal God and Goddess. The different complex pantheons of deities that exist around the world are aspects of the two. 

In the past, the Goddess and the God were as real as the moon and sun. Back then, rites of worship were unstructured and spontaneous moments of union with the divine. Later on, rituals followed the course of the sun through the seasons as well as the monthly full moon. Today, similar rites are conducted by the Wicca. Their regular performance creates magical intimacy with the deities and their powers. 

Fortunately, we do not need to wait for collective ritual consciousness to remember the God’s and Goddesses’ presence. The smell of a flower can evoke feelings equal to those that take place in formal rites. Every moment is a ritual when you live in nature. 

The Form of Deity 

When envisioning the Goddess and the God, many Wiccans see them as deities belonging to ancient religions. Many of these deities, with their mythic stories and rites, nourish the concept of deity in Wicca. Some practitioners feel comfortable associating these names and forms with the Goddess and the God. They feel that they cannot adore nameless divine beings. But others find a lack of names as a liberating connection with deity.  

You do not have to worry if you have not delved into non-western polytheistic religions or developed a rapport with different divinities. For now, you can start by accepting a simple premise. According to this Wiccan premise, deity consists of the God and the Goddess. And that is it (at least for now). 

The Goddess and the God are omnipotent. They are the creators of all that is manifest and also unmanifest. We can communicate with them because a part of us is in them and they are within us. Besides, they are equal. Neither is higher or more deserving of respect than the other. 

Some Wiccans focus their rituals toward the Goddess and seem to forget the God. This is a reaction to centuries of smothering patriarchal religion and the lack of acknowledgment of the feminine aspect of divinity. However, a religion that is based entirely on feminine energy is unbalanced, as it is also unbalanced one that is totally masculine. There has to be a balance of the two because, in Wicca, the Goddess and the God are complementary.