The Other God: Explained

I feel that the previous article entitled, “The Other God”, was very informative but needs some clarification for those unfamiliar with certain names and terms mentioned therein.

I think the best place to start this discussion, is to understand the difficult truth that we live in Hell. This is not a guess, it is a factual statement. Now, being in Hell, we are governed by what is commonly known as the “Lords of Hell”.  This is an interesting concept, especially if you contemplate it in the context of the basic belief of God and the Devil. As an occult aspirant, you may be familiar that the words “God” and “Devil”, are simply manipulations of the words GOOD AND EVIL, as we can see when highlighted here, GOOD AND EVIL. 

Who are these Lords of Hell? There are two Lords that preside over the hell realm. They are both aspects of the Sun, one called YHVH, and commonly known as Jehovah and the other HVHY, and known as Chavajoth, and “The Other God”. For purposes of this article, we will use the term god in reference to them in place of Lord. These two Gods are Twin Gods. One, Jehovah, is the God of Cosmic Creation and the other, Chavajoth, is the God of the Adversarial Cause or simply, the God of the adversary to the creation. The informed way to view these two Gods is that they are in fact two ways of describing two different impulses which create balance in the world and universe.

The impulse of Jehovah, or YHVH, is to make the spirit dilute and descend into matter and the impulse of Chavajoth, or HVHY, is to undo creation be elevating the Spirit from the Clay of Matter through the reversal of the emanations of each of the four letters and lead the Fallen Essence back into the Fires of Atziluth and ultimately rise past the impulse of thoughtful creation and arrive into the undifferentiated, pure state from which it originally came before the impulses were separated into dual forces.

Due to the fact that The Other God is the adversary to the creation of Jehovah, He has been ignorantly labeled the Devil because of the false idea that Jehovah is God. In fact they are both Gods but as mentioned above, they are the Lords of Hell, which would make them, to the informed person, both “Devils”, if we were to continue using such ignorant terms.

To the true occultist, the one who seeks real information, the fact will soon become apparent that since these two Gods are in fact impulses of Will, then if there is an emanation of this will diluting and descending the spirit into matter, it is necessary that that impulse of reversal exists, which is the impulse to elevate the spirit back to where it came from. Therefore, these two Gods, and these two names, YHVH and HVHY, are in reality, two names of Divinity. Furthermore, Jehovah, or YHVH, directs the spirit into matter in an orderly and direct manner, and all the creation which exists in this plane are of his will. Equally, Chavajoth, or HVHY, who leads the spirit back must fight this order and structure so that it can go back to its source. This “fight” is the father of Chaos and Dissolution. When the aspirant realizes this fact, they then will be brought to the true understanding of what the purpose of life is and how to reach the goal of it.