The Meaning of Reincarnation in Wicca

Wicca teaches that reincarnation is the tool that makes our souls perfect. One lifetime is not enough to achieve this goal. Therefore, the soul (consciousness) is reborn many times. Each life offers an array of lessons, until perfection is achieved. 

No one can say how many lives you have to live before the accomplishment of perfection. We are human and it is very simple to make the same mistakes over and over again. Besides, anger, greed, obsession and jealousy can inhibit our growth. 

The soul is nonphysical, ageless, sexless and it contains the divine spark of the Goddess and the God. Each body that inhabits the Earth is a manifestation of the soul and each body is different. If every body or life would be the same, the soul would stagnate. The actions that we performed in past lives determine the gender, race, place of birth, economic class and other specific characteristics of the soul in the present.  

We decide the layout of our life. This notion is of utmost importance in Wiccan thought. There is no curse or mysterious force of fate upon which we can push the responsibility for the trials that we experience. We decide what we have to learn in order to evolve. During reincarnation, we work towards progress. If not, we regress into darkness. 

What Is Karma in Wicca? 

Karma is an aid in learning the lessons of each reincarnation. Karma is not a system of rewards and punishments, but a phenomenon that guides the soul towards progress. Thus, if a person performs negative actions, they will receive negative actions. Good brings good. With this truth in mind, there is little reason to act in a negative or harmful way. 

Karma means action. It is an instrument, not a punishment. It is not possible to “eradicate” karma and neither is every apparently terrible event in our lives a result of karma. We learn from karma only when we are conscious of it. Many people look into their past lives to discover their mistakes in order to reveal the issues that inhibit the progress in this one. Trance and meditation can help, but true self-knowledge is the best way to discover the mistakes and fix them in this life. 

If you do not wish to know details about your past lives, or if you lack the means to discover them, observe your current reality. You can learn everything that is relevant about your past lives by examining this life. If you have cleared up issues in previous lives, they are not going to be pertinent for you in this existence. If you have not cleared them, the same problems will emerge again. 

As Socrates (apparently) said “the unexamined life is not worth living”. And this is also true in Wicca.