The 3 Sources of Energy to Do Magic

In the Wiccan tradition, magic is the projection of natural energies to produce needed effects. These energies come from three main sources. The sources are personal power, earth power and divine power. 

Personal Power, Earth Power And Divine Power

Personal power is the life source that supports our material existence. This power feeds our bodies. Humans absorb energy from water and food and also from the moon and the sun. We release this energy when we move, exercise, have sex or give birth. The act of exhaling also releases some power. But we gain this power back when we inhale. During magical rituals, Wiccans awake personal power, steep it with a purpose, release it and then direct it towards a specific aim. 

The power that resides within our planet and in its natural inhabitants is earth power. Trees, flowers, crystals, stones, scents, water and flames, to name a few, possess unique powers. These powers manifest during a magical ritual. For example, you can sprinkle specific herbs around a candle that is burning to cause a magical effect. And you can rub oils onto the skin to produce internal changes. 

The manifestation of personal power and earth power is divine power. This energy exists within the Goddess and the God. In Wicca, the Goddess and the God are the life force, the source of universal power that has created everything in existence. When performing a ritual, Wiccans invoke the Goddess and the God to bless their magic with power. Personal power may be directed to the deities in order to ask for a specific need be met. 

Magic Works!

For Wicca, magic is a process in which we work in harmony with the universal power source seen as the Goddess and the God. But that is not all, because personal and earth energies have to be present too. Magic improves our lives and it is a method whereby self-determined individuals take control of their lives. 

Magic is not supernatural. It is an occult practice that is infused in centuries of slander, secrecy and misinformation. Actually, magic is a natural practice utilizing real powers that have not been labeled by mainstream science yet. This fact does not invalidate magic. Scientists do not know everything that there is to know about the universe. If they did, scientific investigation would not exist at all. 

Magnetism, for example, was an aspect of magic until science “discovered” it. If you play with two magnets, you will notice the invisible forces resisting and attracting in supposedly supernatural ways. Well, magic is similar. Even though it appears to be absolutely nonsensical, it operates along its own logic. The fact that is not fully understood does not override its existence. 

Magic works. And no amount of explaining away alters this fact.