Music and Dance in Wiccan Rituals

The difference between the physical and the nonphysical is not really there. We make this difference due to our limitations because we are materially based entities. Some of the tools used in the practice of Wicca are indeed nonphysical. Two of the most effective of these tools are music and dance.

Music and dance are used to raise power, alter consciousness and to unite with the Goddess and the God. They are a way of experiencing sheer ecstasy. These tools are usually present in rituals. Indeed, the most powerful rituals sometimes rely exclusively on the performance of music and dance.

Rituals that are less intellectual can be more effective because they bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the deep consciousness. Music and dance can produce true involvement in the rite and, therefore, they open your awareness of the Goddess and the God. During magical rituals, they may produce a clear and free access to divine energy


Music can be an integral part of your Wiccan practices. You might find appropriate pieces to play during rituals. They can come from classical, ethnic, folk or contemporary sources. Musically inclined Wiccans can create music themselves. 

If you have proficiency with a musical instrument, include it in your rituals. Flutes, violins, recorders, guitars, folk harps and other small instruments can be introduced into rituals. Beginners can use drums, rattles, bells or even glasses of water and a knife with which to strike them. Less portable instruments can be recorded and played back during different rituals.  

You can devote yourself to musical interludes at different times. Music can be used before to the commencement of the rite to set the mood; during, as an offering to the deities or to raise energy; and afterwards, to celebrate. Some Wiccans compose songs that are rite in themselves. These songs encompass everything from the creation of the sacred space and the invocation of the deities to thanking them for their presence. 

Music magic is what you decide to make it. 


Dance is a magical act. Physical movement releases energy from the body. And this is the same energy that we use when performing magic. Group dances, such as the spiral dance, are performed in coven rituals. If you are a solitary practitioner, you do not have to follow a specific tradition or choreography. Feel free to move in whatever way feels right to you, no matter how childish or wild it may seem. 

In order to raise and channel magical energy in rituals, you can move in an increasingly faster clockwise circle around the altar, either by yourself or with your coven. Watch the candles flame on the altar, smell the incense and start visualizing the goal you want to achieve. 

When you have reached the point of no return, the moment when your body is not able to raise and channel more energy, you have to release it. Release the power towards the magical goal. To do this, you can collapse to the ground, signalling the end of the ritual. 

As you enjoy music and dance in rituals, open yourself to the God and the Goddess. And never forget that these nonphysical tools are paths to deity.