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Becoming a member of the Church of Illuminism is just like joining any other organization. The Church has a membership policy, below, which outlines general policies regarding membership qualifications, classification, rights, termination, and restoration. Membership in the Church of Illuminism is free. There are no associated fees for membership.

Membership Policy

Membership in this Church shall consist of all persons who have met the requirements for membership, been approved by the congregation and are listed on the membership role.

Qualifications for Membership

1. A personal commitment to reaching your highest potential in life. This applies to your day-to-day activities and to evolution as a whole.

2. Completion of the Church’s membership registration and its requirements.

3. Basic agreement with the Church’s statement of faith.

Membership Classification

In an effort to properly reflect the membership of the Church the following membership role will be maintained.

1. Active Members: All members who are currently active in the Church.

2. Non-active Members: All members who are not currently active in the Church.

Rights of Membership

Every active member shall have the right to participate in the following matters: All Church services offered including recurring and non-recurring services.

Termination of Membership

Members shall be removed from the Church roll for the following reasons:

1. Death.

2. By personal request of the member.

3. Dismissal by the congregation/or officers according to the following conditions:

The member’s life and conduct is not in accordance with the Statement of Faith in such a way that the member hinders the ministry influence of the Church in the community.

Restoration of Members

Members dismissed by the Church shall be restored by the vote of the Church or the unanimous agreement of the council members.