Initiation into Magick

Transcript of video:

In Old Persian, daiva- means “demon, evil god”, while in Sanskrit it means the opposite, referring to the “heavenly, divine, terrestrial things of high excellence, exalted, shining ones, or “deity”.

In later times, these words were separated into two. The religions of the world had their deities and they claimed that the evil powers were demons, when in fact they are the same.

Religion comes from the Latin religio meaning scrupulousness, pious misgivings, superstitions, and an object of veneration.

Religions worship deities and usually call them Lord. World religions pray to deities and most refer to their deity as lord.

Lord means “the master of the servants of a household”, or “one possessing mastery over another.”

Religions are praying to someone who has mastery over them.

Self-empowerment comes from you gaining your own mastery.

Magic is the highest level of Divine Wisdom.

The word magic, mage, and magician come from the Old Persian magu which means “to be able”.

A magician is someone who is able to do something without relying on another, a master.

Magic seeks to empower the individual and liberate them, thus making them their own lord.

And magicians invoke and summon demons. But remember demons and deities are the same thing.

The word god, commonly used in religions, is derived from the Proto-Germanic word GHUT which means “that which is invoked.”

Ritual invokes, today’s version of prayer does not. Prayer is a form of petition while ritual seek communion with the spirit.

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Worshippers pray to a master for mercy. Magicians are spiritual and perform rituals to empower themselves. The word ritual is in the word spiritual.

Empower yourself.

Learn magic.

Become initiated into magic. Empower yourself.

Conceptions regarding magic, higher powers, gods and how to contact them are most likely as old as mankind itself. The first civilizations were created when the civil states arose more than five thousand years ago. The structure of the high cultures was reminiscent of theocracies and was primarily governed by priests or rulers who claimed to be divine or reincarnated gods. The written language, the mythologies of antiquity, astrology, world religions, the foundation of the Qabalah and science were established. Currents of thought from this age can be found in both contemporary occultism and religious conceptions of today.

Written languages would have a tremendous impact on magic, not least since it is otherwise next to impossible to memorize the advanced rituals and traditions in the correct manner. Thus, a scholarly or higher form of magic emerged which differed in its structure from the folkish or lower magic as it is occasionally called. Folkish magic is mainly concerned with increasing the harvest, personal protection, curing diseases, making one’s cattle feel at ease, etc. Intellectually it is based on a symbolic language that rests on the premise that each symbol is associated with a force that has a magical potency in the form of a hierarchical system. Some symbols are superior to others, and are consequently more powerful. Certain symbols correspond to other symbols. It is altogether irrelevant if the magician believes in this or not. Magic is thought to be effective if it is conducted in the proper manner. Relativism regarding symbols, like that which can be found in the Wicca of today, is categorically incompatible with the mindset of elder times, both in higher and lesser forms of magic.

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