How to Play Music to Do Magic

When playing music for magical purposes, you have to know that four different types of instruments have specific powers. 

All percussion instruments, such as the drum, the rattle and the xylophone are ruled by the element of earth. Therefore, you can use these instruments to invoke fertility, increase your earnings and find a job. You can also use percussion instruments to invoke the Goddess in rituals

Wind instruments like the flute and the recorder are under the dominion of air. This is the intellectual element. You can use wind instruments to increase your mental powers or visualization abilities, to unravel ancient wisdom or to improve your psychic faculties. You can call upon the God with these instruments too. 

Stringed instruments such as the lyre, the harp, the guitar, the mandolin and the ukulele are ruled by fire. You can use these instruments in spells involving health, sexuality, willpower, courage and the destruction of harmful habits. Besides, they are appropriate tools to employ before rituals to purify the area. Sing with the instrument, play a particular song or just strum around the space in a clockwise circle until the area is humming with your vibrations. You can also use strings to invoke the God. 

Instruments made with resonant metal, such as the bell, the cymbal, the sistrum and the gong represent the element of water. This element encompasses healing, fertility, spiritual love, happiness, beauty and compassion. The sistrum of Isis reminds us that resonant metal invokes the Goddess. 

Spells with Music

  1. If you need money, sit quietly wearing green clothes. Slowly, beat a drum and visualize yourself bursting with cash. At the same time, invoke the Goddess in her aspect of provider of abundance. 
  2. Feeling down? Then, find a bell with a pleasant tone and ritually strike it. Feel the sound vibrations cleansing you of the sadness and lifting your spirits. You can also wear a small bell around the neck.  
  3. When you are afraid, you can play the guitar or listen to pre-recorded guitar music while visualizing yourself as confident and brave. Invoke the God in his aggressive and protective aspect.  
  4. Singing, the combination of lyrics and music, can be integrated into Wiccan rituals. You can also set chants and invocations to music or sing as you feel compelled to. 

Many Wiccans never pursue the subject of playing music to do magic. Instead, they simply play recorded tunes as backgrounds to their rituals. This is fine, but self-created music integrated into your spells can be more effective and cathartic.