Connect Directly with the Wiccan Deities

Do you wish to explore the concepts of the Goddess and the God more deeply? Luckily, there are many activities that you can perform to have a direct connection with the Wiccan deities. 

To start with, you can read books on mythology from any culture. When reading the myths, look for the underlying themes. By doing this, you will begin to know the God and the Goddess and their different manifestations. The more you read, the more information you will have at your fingertips. And, eventually, all this data will merge into a non-structured (but extremely complex) knowledge bank about the deities. 

Delve into mythology for at least seven days. 

Afterwards, connect with nature. Take long walks beneath trees. Study flowers, plants and herbs. Start cooking with vegetables. Go to a body of water (ocean, river, lake, pond, stream) and take a bath. Stop and smell the roses. Listen to the birds chirping. Caress a pet. This is how you feel the energies of the Goddess and the God directly.

Becoming familiar with the presence of the deities comes more easily through the actual contact with these power sources. 

An Altar for the Deities

When you have already read mythology from different places and have connected with nature, you may wish to set up an altar to the Goddess and the God. It does not have to be fancy. A simple altar consists of a small wooden table, two candles, a censer and a bowl to hold offerings of grain, seed, wine, milk, flowers or fruit.  

Place the two candles in their holders at the back of the altar. The candle on the left represents the Goddess and the candle on the right represents the God. You can use colors to distinguish them. For the Goddess, you can choose a green or white candle, and for the God you can pick a red or yellow candle. 

Between the candles and slightly in front of them, place the censer. In front of the incense burner you should place the offering bowl. You can also add a vase of seasonal flowers and other personal power objects such as fossils, crystals and dried herbs. 

In his amazing book Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, the warlock Scott Cunningham offers a simple ritual to honor the deities at your altar. You should stand before the altar with an offering of some kind in your hand. Then, light the candles and the incense, place the offering in the bowl, and say these words: 

Lady of the moon, of the restless sea and verdant earth,

Lord of the sun and of the wild creatures,

Accept this offering I place here in your honor. 

Grant me the wisdom to see your presence in all nature, 

O Great Ones! 

Afterward, sit for a few minutes in contemplation of the God and the Goddess and of your growing relationship with them. Feel the deities inside and around you. Then, extinguish the flames with your fingers, a candle snuffer or a knife blade. You should not blow the flames out because this is an affront to the element of fire. Allow the incense to burn itself out and then continue with your daily life.  

If you wish, you can go before the altar once a day at a specific time. This may be when you wake up, before going to bed or after lunch. Perform this little ritual. It is not compulsory to do it every day, but the steady rhythm set up by this activity is positive and will improve your connection with the deities.