Casting Spells with a Quartz and a Candle

Quartz are gifts of the Goddess and the God. When doing magic, they represent earth power. Crystals are sacred tools that can be used to enhance rituals. But it is not compulsory to rely on them. 

A spell is a symbolic act performed to cause a desired change. To cast a spell is to project energy through a symbol or tool. However, the symbols or tools are not the spell. By themselves, quartz and candles are not magical. Performing magical rituals simply by manipulating tools is ineffective, for the true power of magic lies within ourselves. 

Do you want to know how to use magic tools when casting spells? Keep reading to find the answer.  

How to Cast a Spell with a Quartz and a Candle

For the following ritual, you will need a terminated quartz crystal and a candle of the color symbolic of your magical need. This list will help you choose the appropriate candle: 

  • White: protection, purification, peace
  • Yellow: intellect, attraction, study, divination
  • Green: money, fertility, growth, employment
  • Light blue: healing, patience, happiness
  • Dark blue: change, psychism
  • Purple: power, healing, spirituality, meditation
  • Pink: love, friendships
  • Red: strength, health, passion, courage
  • Orange: stimulation, energy
  • Brown: healing animals

With the tip of the cleansed quartz, scratch the symbol of your need onto the candle. The symbol could be a dollar sign for money, a heart for love, a fist for strength. As you scratch, visualize your need on the candle with the crystal. 

Then, place the candle in a holder and put the crystal near it. Light the wick. As the flame shines, visualize your need or desire again. Say a little prayer asking for what you want or need. It does not need to rhyme to work. Just be spontaneous. 

Afterwards, read this spell out loud: 

With this candle I do ensure

That my spell does travel and endure

Over the lands, the skies and seas

To bring my desire back to me 

At this point, release the spell into the universe. Let it go and do not think about it any more. Do not speculate on how or if it is working. Otherwise, you will be like the person who plants a seed and digs it up again every day to see whether it is growing or not.

How Many Times Should You Perform the Same Spell?

For important or difficult matters, you can repeat the spell on three occasions. But not more than three times. Even though this is sometimes done, it is generally better to rest the matter if a spell has already been done three times. You can take it up again later if necessary. 

While working on these or any other rituals, always remember to visualize, sense and move energy. Feel the presence of the Goddess and the God. If you do not do it, all rituals and spells are only form. When energy is directed into the images you visualize, they gradually manifest in physical form and take shape in the material world. Believe it because it is true.