Casting Moon Spells

In Wicca, the celestial Goddess is seen as the moon. This luminary is linked to women’s monthly cycles of menstruation and fertility. Therefore, the Moon Goddess has three aspects. As She waxes, She is the Maiden; when She is full, She is the Mother and as She wanes, She is the Crone. 

Every initiate has to meditate on the Goddess in her many aspects. This is part of the Wiccan training. In her astounding book The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess, the author Starhawk shares meditations on the three aspects of the moon.

Before doing the meditations, sit down on the floor, a blanket or a yoga mat in a comfortable position. If possible, keep your spine straight. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. When you feel grounded and centered, you can start with the appropriate meditation depending on the moon phase we are in.  

Waxing Moon Meditation

Visualize a silver crescent moon, curving to the right. She displays the power of beginnings and of generation. She is wild and free, like plans before they are mitigated by reality. 

Feel your hidden possibilities and potentials. Sense your power to begin new projects. Feel the Goddess power within you.

Full Moon Meditation

Visualize a full moon. She is the Mother, the power of fruition. This phase nourishes what the New Moon has initiated. See her full breasts and her womb burgeoning with life. 

Feel your power to nurture, to give, to manifest whatever you want. Feel the power that lies in your pleasure. 

Waning Moon Meditation

Visualize a waning crescent moon, curving to the left. She is the Old Woman, the Wise Woman, the Crone. This woman has passed menopause and has the power attached with endings. All things have to end to fulfill their beginnings. Life feeds on death, death leads on to life and the wisdom of the Goddess resides in knowing this cycle and not resisting it.  

Feel your age and the wisdom you have acquired and stored in your body. Know your power to destroy what is stagnant and to lose as well as gain. 

Full moons are the time in the cycle to honor the Goddess at the height of her glory. Subtle powers are strongest when the moon is full. We identify the Goddess with the fertile lunar energy that illumines the dark and the vibrant power that waxes and wanes in accord with women’s menstrual flow. On the other hand, we identify the sun with her male self, known as the God. The festivals for the God are celebrated at eight points of power in the Wiccan calendar.