A Wiccan Self-Initiation Ceremony

The warlock Scott Cunningham offers a wholesome self-initiation rite in his book Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner. But this ritual is not designed to make you a Wiccan. According to the author, being a Wiccan comes with time and devotion and not through initiation ceremonies. 

Cunningham prefers to call this ritual a “self-dedication” ceremony instead of considering it as a self-initiation ceremony. In a mystical sense, this magical act is a step towards linking your personal energies with those of the Goddess and the God.  

A Self-Initiation Formal Ceremony

First, bathe with warm water. Add a tablespoon of salt and a few drops of an essential oil such as lavender or sandalwood. If you do not have a bath, use a shower. Fill a washcloth with salt, add a few drops of essential oil and rub yourself with vigor. 

As you wash your body, prepare for the coming ritual. Open your consciousness to higher levels of awareness. Cleanse your mind as well as your body. 

After bathing, dry and put some comfortables clothes. Go to a natural place where you feel safe. It should be a comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed. It may be a mountain top, a desert canyon, a spot in beach or in a forest. You can also perform this ritual in a lonely part of a park or a garden. 

Remove your shoes and sit quietly. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and relax your mind.  

Then, call the Goddess and the God. You can do this in whatever way you like. Cunningham suggests using a beautiful invocation. Read the invocation after copying it on your Book of Shadows or memorize the words before the rite so they will come effortlessly from you. 

Invocation for Dedicating Yourself to the Goddess and the God     

O Mother Goddess,

O Father God,

Answers to all mysteries and yet mysteries answered;

In this place of power I open myself to your essence.

In this place and in this time I am changed;

From henceforth I walk the Wiccan path.

I dedicate myself to you, Mother Goddess and Father God. 

I breathe your energies into my body. 

Commingling, blending, mixing them with mine, 

That I may see the divine in nature, nature in the divine,

And divinity within myself and all else.

O great Goddess, O great God.

Make me one with your essence (x3).

Afterwards, you may feel bursting with power and energy, or calm and peaceful. Whatever occurs, know that you have opened yourself. And the Goddess and the God have heard you. 

Now, the formal self-dedication ritual has ended. Thank the Goddess and the God for their attention. Sit and meditate before leaving the place of dedication. Once home, celebrate in some special way.