A Beginner’s Guide to Wiccan Magic Tools

In common with most religions, Wicca employs certain objects for specific ritual purposes. These objects are tools that invoke the deities, banish negativity, protect a space and direct energy through our touch and intention. Some of the magical tools, like the broom, the cauldron and the magic wand have gained undisputable places in contemporary folklore. 

Thanks to the popularization of folktales, millions of people know that witches use cauldrons to brew up potions and that wands transform the surroundings. However, most people don’t know that there is powerful magic behind the tools and that they have an inner symbolism within Wicca. 

Basic Magic Tools Used in Wicca

My goal here is to mention the basic magic tools used in Wicca and their meaning. Keep reading to get to know them! 



Powerful tool against curses and practitioners of evil magic, as well as a means for cleaning spiritually. A Wiccan may begin a ritual by sweeping the area with the magic broom. The sweeping, of course, is more than a physical cleansing.  


It is an instrument of invocation. In Wicca, we use wands to direct energy, to stir brew in a cauldron and to draw magical symbols or a circle on the ground. Wood is the best material for a wand.  


This is an incense burner that holds the smoldering incense during rituals. In ceremonial magic, the Wiccan sometimes commands spirits to appear in visible form in the smoke. Besides, sitting while breathing slowly and watching the smoke is an entrancing act. 


The most famous tool linked with witches in popular culture is often the focal point of rituals. It can be an instrument of scrying after filling it with water and staring into it. It also serves as a vessel in which to brew.  

Magic Knife

This piercing tool isn’t used for cutting purposes, but to direct the energy raised during rites. It is not used to invoke the deities because it is an instrument of commanding and power manipulation. 

Crystal Sphere

Quartz crystal is an important material in contemplative divination. The diviner gazes into the sphere until the psychic faculties start manifesting, and then images, seen in the mind or projected by it into the crystal, reveal information. 


This object is a cauldron on a stem. It holds water, which is usually present in the altar for the deities, but it may also contain ritual beverages to drink during rites. 


This symbol can be inscribed in a flat piece of brass, clay, wax, wood, gold or silver. It is an instrument of protection and a tool that helps when evoking spirits. 

Book of Shadows

The personal Wiccan workbook contains invocations, ritual design, spells and rules governing magic. You can make your own using a blank book. Start by writing any spells, rituals and magical information that you have created or found when studying.  


Ringing a bell unleashes vibrations. These vibrations have powerful effects according to the volume, tone and material of the bell. This object is rung to keep away evil spirits or to evoke good energies. 

To practice Wicca, you may want to collect at least some of these tools. It is not compulsory to have them. But they do, however, enrich rituals and symbolize complex energies. 

All magical tools should be reserved for this purpose only. And don’t worry about finding the perfect ones. They will come to you in due time.