3 Exercises for Growing in Wicca

Various exercises and procedures can help you grow in the Wiccan magical path. Some of these activities consume no more than a few minutes of each day and should not be underestimated. They are like building blocks that will allow you to gain more fluency in all Wiccan and magical rites.

In this text, I want to share three of these exercises. They are writing on a Mirror Book, breathing and meditation.  

Mirror Book  

A mirror book is a magical record of your progress in Wicca. It can be a locked diary, a spiral-bound notebook or a journal. Choose the tool that suits you best. In it, jot down your thoughts and feelings about Wicca, your magical successes and failures, your doubts and fears, your dreams (both literally and figuratively) and also your mundane concerns. 

For some people, the best time to record the information is before sleep. For me, it is best to do it in the mornings. Find your own sweet spot. Date each entry, include the moon’s phase, the weather and, if you menstruate, the phase of your menstrual cycle

Personally, I keep a Mirror Book and a Book of Shadows in the same journal. When I finish one, I start a new one and so on. You can have only one book or two. Find what feels good in your own journey.   


In Wicca, breathing is a tool for disciplining our bodies and entering into alternate states of consciousness. In order to meditate correctly, you must breathe correctly. Breathing is the most basic of exercises. 

Assume a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down. Relax your body. Inhale through your nose to a slow count of four, five or six, whatever feels adequate for you. Allow the air to fill your lungs and diaphragm. Retain the air. Exhale to the same slow count. Repeat this several times, gradually slowing your breath rate. 

As you inhale, breathe in love, prosperity, health, peace. As you exhale, breathe out hate, scarcity, disease, anger.


Meditation is a vital art for inducing total relaxation. Besides, meditation is a quiet time in which we contact the God and the Goddess because we relax the conscious mind’s hold on our psychic awareness. Usually, meditation precedes every magical ritual

Sit in a straight-back position. Your eyes should be closed, your chin should be level with the floor, hands resting on your knees or thighs and fingers relaxed. 

Breathe deeply for several minutes. Allow your mind to be receptive. Let your thoughts come and go. See them pass by and then go back to focusing on your breath. 

The light should be dim when you meditate. Burn a dark blue or white candle if you wish. You can also use incense, but too much smoke can cause problems during deep breathing. 

After each meditation, you can record your images, sensations and epiphanies in your Mirror Book. This book is quite valuable in assessing your progress in Wicca and life itself. Therefore, when reading your entries, you become your own teacher.